During our tenure, we have consistently attempted to provide innovative and competitive financial solutions.

We choose to honour those who made efforts in our past and those clientele with whom we toiled side-by-side in helping fill homes and grow businesses. Times are much different now, but our agenda is remarkably still the same.

From its core business focus as the provider of Home Lending facilities, HFC Bank has re-strategized its business, in line with emerging market demands and shareholder expectations, to offer fully-fledged banking solutions with quality products and services including Transactional deposit account, Insurance, Term Deposits, Personal Loans and selected Business Lending facilities within its niche’ market segment.

HFC Bank is a Licensed Banking Institution supervised by the Reserve Bank of Fiji that allows it to accept deposits  and provide lending facilities to its customers.

A Brief History


In June 1962, the Fiji Government together with the British Overseas Development Corporation (BODC) (now known as Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC)) formed Home Finance Company Limited; CDC through its locally incorporated company Fiji Development Company (FDC). FDC had an initial shareholding of 67% and Fiji Government had 33%.


In March 1971, FDC and Fiji Government acquired equal shares (50% each)


Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) became a third equal shareholder in HFC.


Unit Trust of Fiji (UTF) became a fourth shareholder.


May 1989, all shareholders had equal shares.


In December 1995 Fiji Government sold its 25% shares to FNPF making FNPF a major shareholder at 50% with FDC maintaining management rights of HFC, under agreement by all shareholders.


In January 2002 FDC decided to sell its interest in HFC. FNPF, exercising its rights to purchase FDC’s 25% shares, extended its major shareholding capacity to 75%.

Home Finance Company Limited has always been known to the people of Fiji as just a home loan provider. In 2002, the company decided to change this perception by changing its image in the market. As a result, the company went through a transformation phase to stamp its mark as more than just a loan provider. The company also changed its logo to a more vibrant look.


With six branches Fiji wide, in March 2014 HFC transitioned to offer fully-fledged banking services. HFC Bank is the only 100% local bank with 75% shares owned by FNPF and 25% owned by Unit Trust of Fiji. The company went through a complete re branding and positioned itself as a one-stop financial solution provider with its vision: To Be Fiji’s Bank of Choice by Serving its People with Innovative Financial Solutions.

Today, HFC Bank provides a range of quality deposit and lending products with ATM network across the country, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking facilities and Interchange agreement for that added convenience.

We are proud that we are totally Fiji-owned. Our focus is to provide our customers with excellent products and serving our people with innovative financial solutions.