International Services

Transfer money FAST with Low exchange rates to all the corners of the world

Overseas money transfers can be necessary for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason for sending funds across the world, you’ll want to ensure this process is timely and cost-effective. HFC Banks’ Telegraphic Transfers and Bank Drafts are designed to offer just that!

Business International Services

When it comes to international money transfers for a business need, the exchange rate you receive, the fee you pay and the duration of time it takes for your supplier to receives the Funds will make a BIG difference to your cost. HFC Bank has customised its products to enable you to transfer money with very competitive exchange rates, Low chargers and Speedy transfers.

Every customer has a different need, our products are enablers to solve your issues.

  • Bank Drafts
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Spot Deals
  • Letters of Credit
  • Trade Finance
  • Exporters
  • Importers


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HFC Bank’s highly motivated and dynamic FOREX team is ready to serve you! We will assign you your own dedicated Dealer for your transaction.

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