Committee Charters

Board CREDIT/ALCO Sub-Committee Charter

Board CREDIT Sub-Committee assist the Board in overseeing, directing and reviewing the management of Credit Risk Management of HFC in line with credit risk strategy in achieving the Corporate Goals of the Company.

FINANCE & ALCO forms integral part of the operations and the Sub-Committee assist the Board in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities with regard to Financial Performance, Budgeting, forecasting, Asset & Liability management, Liquidity adequacy, Capital and Dividend planning, Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, Contingency planning with respect to the foregoing, Establishing a comprehensive policy framework for IT, including local and central organizations, Banc Operating System and their interrelationships and overall products and services that equate with the stakeholder interest and Positioning HFC for continued technology improvements with necessary capabilities and technology-enhancement through, research, instruction, and service adequately ensuring all IT risk management platform are managed at enterprise level.

Board Human Resource Sub-Committee Charter

Board HR Sub-Committee appointed by the Board to assist with its responsibilities in overseeing HR policies, remuneration and benefits program, evaluation of executive performance (including establishment of policies and programs to attract, retain and motivate the key executives necessary for HFC’s current and long-term success), management succession plans and on an ongoing basis assess the adequacy of the Company’s human resources principles and philosophy.

Board RISK Sub – Committee Charter

Board RISK Sub- committee assist Board in fulfilling its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities relating to accounting practices, financial reporting, internal control systems, risks assessment, external reporting, audit and compliance assurance at enterprise level.

Board Banking/Technology Sub- Committee Charter

The Board Banking/Technology Sub- Committee is formed basically to look at the technology enhancement of the Company, working towards special platform for the Banking Project. The Sub-Committee is mandated to look at special project on Banking and the Technological upgrade.