The TOP GEAR DISASTER REHAB FACILITY is formulated as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of HFC Bank and in line with RBF’s Natural Disaster Rehab Facility, to assist Business Customers who are affected by a natural disaster. Whether new or existing, customers who are affected by any form of natural disasters can benefit from this product.


Through this facility, Business customers can loan for:


  • Replacement of inventory;
  • Cover for Loss of sales;
  • Repair or Replacement of plant, equipment and machinery;
  • Restoration of damaged buildings , including resorts and hotels;
  • Replacement of vehicles; and
  • Meeting existing commitments



  • Interest rate of 4.5 % pa FIXED for 5 Years

subject to NO variation in line with BORROWING from RBF at 1 % against maximum cap set by RBF as 5%) and on expiry of 5 year, for the remaining term of 10 years will be converted to HFC Top Gear Loan with all the benefits, features and pricing at the time of conversion, with the prevailing variable rate which is currently 9%.

  •  Term of 15 years (max)

First 5 years Repayment will be in accordance with the REHEB facility and the remaining 10 years will be converted to HFC Bank TOP GEAR LOAN with all the benefits and pricing.

  •  Funding of Minimum of $10,000 and Maximum of $500,000

(Funding can exceed $1million subject to RBF approval)



  • All Existing Customers will have Establishment Fee discounted by 50%;
  • All New Customers will have Establishment Fee discounted by 25%


  • 3 days approval turnaround time on receipt of formal application;
  • Equity contribution can be by way of cash, collateral security or surplus from existing securities held;
  • Fixed security documentation, Insurance and MPI costs at outset (can be added to loan);
  • Interest only repayment in case of financial hardship subject to review of account;
  • Repayments readjusted with commencement of the payments;
  • Interest charged on a daily reducing balance and charged monthly in arrears;
  • Redraw option available on any advance repayments
  • Other Retail Banking Products.


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