Nine of the listed stocks recorded market activities noting price movements.

 Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Ltd shares recorded 03 cents growth to close at $3.10;

 Kinetic Growth Fund shares rose by 93 cents to 96 cents per share.

 Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Ltd shares decreased by 1 cent and closed the week at a share price of $12.90;

 Vision Investments Ltd shares fell by 1 cent closing the week at $3.47

 Fijian Holdings shares ended the week at $6.05, noting a 9 cents growth. Meanwhile,

 Communications (Fiji) Ltd shares were up by 2 cents and closed the week at a price $4.89;

Following the share price movements, the overall market capitalisation rose by 0.41% and ended the week at $2.65 billion.

FX Rates 10.09.18


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