Let’s look at the South Pacific Stock Exchange market review for last week.

Eight listed securities recorded market activities on the electronic trading platform last week.

Looking at the share price movements:

 Free Bird Institute shares increased by 9.09% to end the week at a new all-time high price of $3.00

 Kinetic Growth Fund Ltd shares rose by 8.62% to close the week at $0.63;

 R B Patel Group shares increased by 0.46% to end the week at $4.36; and

 VB Holdings Ltd shares had a growth of 13.33% and ended the week at a maximum price of $5.10.

Following the share price movements, the overall market capitalization concluded at $1.99 billion. That’s an increase of 0.13%.

And that’s the wrap from our local stock market.


FX Rates 05.03.18

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