Dream Package Disaster Rehabilitation Facility

This Disaster Rehab Facility is formulated as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of HFC Bank, to assist customers by easing the financial burdens in cases of emergency or economic injury. This product is targeted to the consumer market segment. Whether new or existing, customers who are affected by any form of disasters can benefit from this product.

With this product, customers will be able to take a loan to:

  • Repair or Replacement of house hold contents, including white goods;
  • Restoration of damaged buildings;
  • Construction of replacement dwellings; and
  • Meet existing financial commitments.


  • Interest of 5% pa fixed for 5 years

(subject to RBF rates on similar funding remains unchanged against maximum cap set by RBF as 5%) and on expiry of the 5 years normal housing loan prevailing variable rate would apply which is currently 7.5%.

  •  Term of 25 years or balance of retirement age of 60 – whichever is the lesser
  • Funding of Minimum of $10,000 and Maximum of $500,000



  • All Existing Customers will have Establishment Fee discounted by 50%;
  • All New Customers will have Establishment Fee discounted by 25%



  • Pre – approval certificate available
  • 24-hour approval turnaround time on formal application;
  • Fixed security documentation costs at outset (can be added to loan);
  • Repayments to be adjusted at Annual Review;
  • Interest only repayments for construction cases (Maximum 12 months);
  • In house valuation and security documentation cost; and
  • Interest charged on a daily reducing balance and charged monthly in arrears.
  • Property insurance, Mortgage Protection and Funeral Policy premiums could be built in the repayment;
  • Special Term Saver accounts direct deduction with no additional cost; and
  • Excess Loan Guarantee to cover 25% of the Exposure ( if approved by Tower Insurance
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